Porsche Consulting celebrates 20th anniversary

Porsche Consulting had invited 250 business leaders of its German and international clients to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen to help celebrate its 20th anniversary. Eberhard Weiblen, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche Consulting, and Dr. Wolfgang Lindheim, Chief Financial Officer, were present to welcome the guests.

Matthias Müller, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG, used his commemorative speech to highlight the success story of the Porsche subsidiary: "The objective of the service offered by Porsche Consulting has always been very clear: to help businesses be the best in their segments through operational excellence. This objective is also what makes Porsche successful year after year when it comes to manufacturing sports cars." He emphasized the strength of the Porsche consultants to achieve tailored solutions. Weiblen added: “The core of the Porsche brand is intelligent performance. It’s the same for us: We help our clients to achieve better results with lower effort.”

The guests took advantage of their visit to the museum by engaging in effective networking. The audience included Andrea Illy (illycaffè, Italy), Werner Michael and Susanne Bahlsen (Bahlsen Cakes), Friedrich and Sylvia von Metzler (Bankhaus von Metzler), Hugo Eugênio Fleck and Lenira Baldueno Fleck (bus company - Ouro e Prata, Brazil), Garry Copeland (British Airways), Alberto Bombassei (Brembo, Italy) and Georg and Claudia Wellendorff (Wellendorff Gold-Creationen).

Hugo Eugênio Fleck and his wife Lenira Baldueno Fleck
From leftside: Porsche CEO Matthias Müller, Alberto Bombassei and Matteo Tiraboschi (Brembo) and Andrea Illy (illycaffè)
Garry Copeland (British Airways, left) and Porsche consultant Claus Lintz
Werner Michael Bahlsen and his wife Susanne (Bahlsen Cakes)
Andrea Illy (illycaffè)
Georg and Claudia Wellendorff (Wellendorff Gold-Creationen, right) with PR lady Alexandra von Rehlingen (left)
Bankier Friedrich von Metzler (Bankhaus Metzler) and his wife Sylvia von Metzler
Alberto Zanatta (Tecnica Group) and Elena Corrà
Dr. Folkart and Rosely Schweizer (Louis Schweizer GmbH)
Showact at the piano: Rüdiger Leutz, Managing Director Porsche Consulting Ltda., Brazil